Our Philosophy
Brooklin Mill Montessori School’s philosophy toward educating young children reflects the fundamental principles advocated by Dr. Montessori. We believe that:

  • Children have the power to educate themselves and learn best when they do so at their own pace.

  • Children learn by doing and through repetition.
  • Children need to develop concentration and are the most attentive when they have chosen an activity themselves.

  • Children need to make their own discoveries and view mistakes as an opportunity for learning.

In addition, we believe that a well-rounded education includes more than a strong academic orientation. It must also invite a child to experience and enjoy a broad spectrum of arts, music, physical, and social activities. Through a balanced and integrated program of creative arts, music & movement, computer, sports, and co-operative games, we strive to nurture the ‘whole child’.

Our Objectives

  • To nurture a love of learning by providing a secure, positive, and stimulating environment.

  • To provide learning activities aimed at developing life skills including concentration, perseverance, effective problem-solving, and self-discipline.

  • To empower children by encouraging and respecting independent thinking, self-directed learning, and social responsibility.

  • To nurture children’s unique gifts and multiple intelligence by providing a variety of experiences to balance intellectual, social, emotional, creative, and physical growth.

  • To promote continuous improvement of the program by welcoming parent, staff, and child input.