Special Needs
We welcome a limited number of special needs children into our classrooms.  Dr. Maria Montessori originally conceived the Montessori learning materials with special needs children in mind.  We find that the inclusion of special needs children in the classroom creates a positive dynamic for all the students as they discover each other’s unique talents, abilities, and contributions.  We work together with parents and specialists to ensure that special needs are understood and accommodated in the classroom without compromising the quality of the learning environment for all children.

Enrichment Activities
We do our best to schedule enrichment activities such as French and Art so that all children have at least some exposure to these subject areas.  Children who attend on a part-time basis may not receive the same regular weekly sessions as full-time students, depending on the schedule and availability of subject-specific teachers.  If this is a priority for you, let’s discuss your child’s schedule so we can best meet your expectations.

PA Days & Modified Calendar Breaks
We do have limited spaces for children to attend Montessori classes on a day that their alternate school program is not in session (e.g. professional activity days, kindergarten phase-in days, school breaks for children attending the Winchester P.S. modified calendar, etc.).  We recommend making arrangements for your child’s attendance as far in advance as possible.  An incremental fee applies.

Field Trips
We plan off-site field trips or invite special guest visitors into the School several times per year.  Parent permission for participation in these activities is requested separately for each event.  Provided we have sufficient parent volunteers, children who do not normally attend school on these days are welcome to join us.  We have enjoyed trips to destinations such as the zoo, a conservation area, pumpkin patch, sugar bush, a local greenhouse, and the art gallery.

Extracurricular Programs
Each season, we endeavour to offer optional extra-curricular programs to enrich the children’s learning experiences.  In the past, we have scheduled programs such as Kindermusik, skating with Laurie’s Learn to Skate, and yoga classes for children.  These programs are generally scheduled weekly, during class hours.  Children who register for these optional programs are escorted in small groups from their class to the supplemental activity.  A separate program fee applies to these activities.