Brooklin Mill Montessori School Application & Enrolment Policies

Thank you for your interest in Brooklin Mill Montessori School and for the time you have spent learning about our programs. Our application process allows you to express an interest in enrolling your child(ren). Should we have a suitable placement, we will send an offer by email. You will then have 10 business days to accept the offer and complete the enrolment process. Please read the following policies carefully before submitting your application. If you need accessible formats or communications support, please contact us.

Application Interview
Upon receipt of your application, we will schedule an admission interview to meet with you and your child if we haven’t already met. The purpose of the interview is to determine whether the school is a good fit for your family and vice versa. We will share our educational philosophies and discuss our mutual learning objectives for your child(ren). Please don’t be concerned – there are no tests to complete at this interview!

Application Processing & Waiting Lists
If we are unable to confirm your child’s placement following the admission interview due to timing (if not yet processing for the new school year) or insufficient space availability for the classroom or schedule requested, your application will be placed on our waiting list based on the date received. When offering placement, we first consider the best match between the available space to the schedule and start date requested by the family, then give priority to applications from: 

  1. current students and families (for schedule changes or sibling enrolment), 
  2. alumni students and families, 
  3. new students and families seeking full-time placement,
  4. new students and families seeking part-time schedules, passing through each ranked  category in order based on the date of receipt of each completed application.

A non-refundable application processing fee of $100 is payable per family to process your child(ren)’s enrolment. This fee will be requested only when we are able to offer your child(ren) a placement. The application fee is valid for any new applications or revisions by the family within 9 months from date of payment. There is no refund of the application fee should you decline to enroll your child once placement is accepted. Please note that your application will expire once your requested start date in school has passed. You may revise your requested start date prior to expiration of your application to maintain your waiting list position.

Enrolment Commitment
Your enrolment commitment extends for the duration of the school year from September (or the date of acceptance, in the case of mid-year enrolment) to June for Casa and elementary classes. Foundations program enrolment for infants and young toddlers extends from their date of entry until the child transitions to a PreCasa class. Upon acceptance of enrolment, families are responsible for the school fees for the year, unless released from this financial obligation through school policy or Director’s discretion.

Acceptance at Brooklin Mill Montessori School is conditional upon the completion of all enrolment forms including the Enrolment Agreement and commitment to the full payment of the current year’s school fees by pre-authorized bank debit. A security deposit in the amount of $500 is required upon enrolment. Please refer to our Withdrawal / Refund policy for details on the conditions of refund for this security deposit.

School Calendar
The school year runs from September to June, and generally follows the Durham District School Board calendar. During July and August, we operate an optional Summer School program for children in our Casa programs. The Foundations classes for children under two years of age operate on a twelve month calendar with closures only on school breaks. The school is closed for a 2 week Winter Break in late December / early January, 1 week Spring Break typically in March, and up to one week during the transition periods between Summer School and the start / end of the school year. In addition to statutory holidays, the school is also closed for up to 4 professional development days per school year.

Absence From School
Please be aware that if your child is absent for any reason, the child’s place is held for him/her. As our expenses continue and this space cannot be filled by another student from the waiting list, we regret that we cannot provide refunds or permit him/her to make up time outside of the regular class and time assigned.

In the Event of Class Interruption
Should we need to temporarily cancel classes during the school year due to circumstances beyond our control (e.g. severe weather, fire, flood, pandemic control), we will shift to remote learning for all affected students, with the exception of children in our Foundations and PreCasa programs. During this period, your school fees will fees will be pro-rated to reflect the remote learning rate for those dates that the class could not meet in person. For class interruption in Foundations, PreCasa, or other classes in the event that remote learning is not possible (e.g. power outage), no further school fees will be withdrawn until instruction resumes. Depending on the date of closure and length of time required to resume operations, you may forfeit fees paid for not more than the current month of instruction. Your security deposit for the current school year will not be refunded. Pro-rated refunds will be issued to families who have prepaid fees for the full school year, excluding the month of the event and the security deposit.

Fee Policies
Our school year extends over 43 weeks, and includes 3 non-instructional weeks (2 weeks during the Winter Break and 1 week in March). Our fees are based on the 40 instructional weeks divided into 10 equal payments due at the first of each month. Therefore, each school fee payment represents 4 weeks of instruction and may not correspond with the monthly calendar. Accordingly, there is no reduction in fees during the months containing non-instructional weeks. Summer School fees paid during July and August correspond to the actual weeks of instruction selected.

Total monthly school fees are payable by pre-authorized debit or e-transfer, on the first business day of each month. For families with total monthly school fees in excess of $1200, we schedule semi-monthly payments on the first and fifteenth (or next business day) of each month. Alternatively, fees may be remitted in one lump sum upon enrolment. Returned payments or late fees are subject to a penalty of $35 per payment and 2% per month interest.

Although we make every effort to maintain our fee schedule throughout the school year, school fees are subject to change with one month’s written notice. Annual school fees paid in a lump sum are not subject to subsequent fee increases during the school year.

A sibling discount applies to the tuition fees for a second and third child of the same parents when the children are enrolled in our Montessori classes. This discount does not apply to lunch or extended care program fees. 

Income tax receipts for tuition fees received by December 31st will be issued by the end of February in the following year.

Late Pick-Up Fees
Late pick-up fees apply to all programs, without exception. Brooklin Mill Montessori School provides a 10-minute grace period following class dismissal for children departing immediately after class. Departures after the grace period has expired will be billed from the time of class dismissal. A late fee of $10 for every 10-minute interval will apply for pick-up after 5 pm. Late fees are due within 10 days of occurrence.

Withdrawal / Refund Policy
A full refund of the security deposit and release from the new school year financial commitment will be provided for withdrawals pertaining to an upcoming school year if written notice is received prior to June 1st, unless an extension has been granted in writing. For notice received after June 1st and before the first day of school, a refund of the security deposit will only be provided if a child on the waiting list accepts your vacated position.

During the first term of the school year, (i.e. before February 1st), a family may withdraw a child from the School without further obligation to pay school fees, provided that written notice of an intended withdrawal (partial or total) is given to School Administration at least one month in advance of the withdrawal date. In the event that written notice is not provided, one month’s school fees will be forfeited in lieu of notice. Please note that upon withdrawal, any discount for lump sum prepaid fees will no longer be valid and your refund will be calculated as if full fees applied for the school year. 

Withdrawals during the second term of the school year (i.e. February 1st or later) are not eligible for refund of the security deposit or release from the financial obligation for school fees covering the duration of the school year, unless an exception is granted at the discretion of the School Director.

The School reserves the right to request a child’s withdrawal for any one of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to abide by the School’s policies or the Enrolment Agreement;
  2. If the child’s behaviour is extremely disruptive to the well-being of the class at large, in the opinion of the child’s teacher and School Director;
  3. If the child’s parents fail to support the School’s teaching philosophy and administrative decisions.

In the event that the School requests a child’s withdrawal, a full refund of the security deposit and pro-rated refund of the month’s fees will be issued based on the actual date of withdrawal.