About the School Leadership:
“We highly respect both your methods and character. Your ability to balance discipline with love and truth with grace is truly a gift. Ours and many other children have certainly reaped the benefits from your vision and leadership.
The Turek Family

"We were so impressed with every aspect of your facility and the caring nature of yourself and your staff. You have made the decision easy!"
Mr. & Mrs. Scott

“Once again, thank you for running such a kind and gentle school. It is the perfect environment for curious and impressionable little minds. We look forward to next year.”
The Archer Family

“Your dedication, understanding, and willingness to help have made us feel very much at ease.”
Mr. & Mrs. Schuck

About Individual Attention & Outcomes:
“Thank you for all the little things. They have not gone unnoticed. Nothing is greater than the peace of mind, knowing your child is safe and cared for. You and the wonderful staff have provided this peace of mind for me. (My son) has really bloomed here.”
Ms. Kurz

“We see such a difference in (our son), his progress has been amazing. It is a result of your encouragement and acceptance of children’s individual needs.”
Mr. & Mrs. Davidson

“Thank you for your extra time, caring, effort, love and generosity. (My daughter) made a great transition into Brooklin Mill Montessori.”
Ms. O’Toole

“Thanks for providing such as wonderful environment for (our son) – it’s great to see him so excited about school.”
Mr. & Mrs. Mason

“We have noticed wonderful changes in her and are thankful for all your care and help.”
Mr. & Mrs. Hader

About the Curriculum:

"I wanted to pass on my appreciation for the work your staff is doing in the PreCasa class. (My husband) and I are thrilled. (Our daughter) relives her day at school in the evenings. She holds up objects, questions, counts, and sings. Her growth, enthusiasm, and confidence are evidence of established routines and well-planned activities, and dedicated teachers. She absolutely loves school."
Mrs. & Mr. Higgins

“Our son began attending the Brooklin Mill Montessori School in the fall of 2002. Immediately we noticed measurable advancement in his learning aptitude. His reading, writing and counting ability improved immensely. We were extremely delighted with the results.”
Mr. & Mrs. Rudd

“I was totally amazed with all the learning activities you do with the children.”
Mrs. Brunt

“(My son) thoroughly enjoys Campus Club and is often disappointed when I arrive early to pick him up. I realize this is a good thing!”
Ms. Branton

“The JK/SK Enrichment Program is a great complement, and addition, to (my son’s) curriculum at St. Leo Catholic School. We are amazed at his development from recognizing letters to reading and spelling words.”
Mr. & Mrs. Cooper

About the Teaching Team:
“Your teachers are exceptional.”
Ms. Branton

“You are truly amazing! We were very impressed with the concert last night. Your dedication to them and the effort you put forth was so very evident and is what made the children’s performance such a success.”
Mrs. Archer

“We admire your approach in the classroom as well as all the personal attributes you bring.”
Mr. & Mrs. Snowden

“The teachers are loving, organized, intelligent, and like family.”
Dr. & Mr. Turek

“I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see the smile on (my daughter’s) face when we arrive at school – I know that she is in a warm and loving environment – a home away from home!”
Mrs. Muir